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Zarina started her career in hospitality working for the renowned Hyatt Regency Saujana Hotel. Being a restless and active person by nature, she took to the skies with Malaysia Airlines in 1992 and later on pursued a qualification in Mass Communication majoring in Public Relations. These 2 jobs moulded her attitude, thoughts and beliefs, and played an instrumental role in forming her focus, aspirations and direction this present day. She has close to 20 years of experience spanning various industries, namely the airlines, hospitality, automotive, corporate, construction as well as PR agency exposure.

Her work presented opportunities for her to be involved first hand in nation building projects and campaigns and it enabled her to work closely with the nations’ leaders and corporate captains. Her responsibilities include planning, coordinating and implementing public relations campaigns, sponsorship campaigns, media relations activities, corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects as well as official and special events.

She has management experience and have trained and lead subordinates in achieving short-term goals and long-term corporate objectives.



An ambitious and dedicated person, Khairul Affendi is a self made man. His entrance into the career world was through Malaysia Airlines in the area of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Avionics Trait).

Having acquired five years of experience and knowledge in the industry, Affendi decided to gain some business acumen through being a Sales Consultant for a local IT & Office Automation company. A small sized company known as Khidmat Cerdas Sdn Bhd, presented him the opportunity to learn the ropes of business and exposure to the management and operations of a SME. He was appointed to lead several projects under this company which included organizing the INTAN Sabah Technology Update themed “Virtualized IT Infrastructure; The Right Investment for a Challenging Economy 2009”.
Affendi has also received training from Academy Film Malaysia which has equipped him with the knowledge and skills in production. Having acquired numerous skills and talents on the job, Affendi has now become the new force behind Gumblow Cabxi (M) Sdn Bhd.  Affendi oversees the Printing, Events, Design & Production teams and is responsible to chart the new course for the company.

Azura Zainal is a multi-talented 30-year old who started her career as a child, dabbling in a multitude of performances and acts. From the national choir “suara mas” to various television commercials, she was always comfortable where most aren’t – in the limelight!

Far from her hay days as a child presenter on Disney Buzz, Disney Channel’s flagship show in 1999, Azura is now known for her adventurous nature and athletic aptitude hosting the travel log “Xplorasi” on TV1 as well as one of the main presenters for Malaysia’s first ever local sports tv magazine ‘Aktifpedia” on Astro Arena. She is also currently hosting 3 travel programmes with distinct concepts being “Langit & Bumi” on Astro Prima, “Jom Pi” on TV1 and “Enchanting Travels” on TV2. Azura also hosts the premier “Supermoto Series Champioship 2011” to be aired on Astro Prima.

Her recent endeavours has brought her to a totally new arena, theatre. Having played the lead role in the english version of “Puteri Gunung Ledang”, she has recently captivated the thespian community with her powerful vocals to land her one of the leading roles in Dream Girls “The Musical”.

Azura has done it all; from emceeing to tv presenting and from acting to singing, with a healthy dose of wit, humour and a devil-may-care attitude. Some in her position would be overwhelmed, but Azura’s early start ensures that she is a highly disciplined individual showing maturity and focus far beyond her years in achieving her career goals and aspirations.

A new addition to the team, Muhammad Bazli is an Information Technology Diploma graduate currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology (HONS) majoring in Network Technology with a keen interest in practical applications and information systems, seeking a career where a background in problem-solving would be an advantage.

He has experience serving at Mesiniaga Berhad as an IT Solutions Executive for his internship program. Now, as a fresh member to the Gumblow Cabxi team, Bazli has been appointed as the Operations Executive to the company. His personal goals are to accumulate experience and to gain knowledge on the cultures of handling business, expanding networks and familiarizing himself with the processes and functions of printing, public relations and event management. His career goal associated with the company is to promote a profitable and sustainable business activity that meets the customers’ needs.


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